The Undiscovered Self

A fine art series

Moving outside the bounds of traditional portraiture, The Undiscovered Self attempts to use the camera as a psycho-spiritual instrument to explore the unknown depths and multiplicity that lie within us all. What are we when we look beyond the image we have of the self, beyond our bodies, our mind, beyond who we think we are and what we might know? And can the camera, which ordinarily captures images of things as they are on the exterior, help us penetrate deeper?


The Mirror

Quarter-finalist for the inaugural ScreenCraft Short Story Contest

Part mystery, part hallucinatory dream, Faisal’s first work of fiction tells the surreal tale of a middle-aged doctor coming to terms with his mortality. Haunted by unusual occurrences, a threatening figure, as well as his own past, the doctor is challenged to put the pieces of his life back together and deal with an act of possible malpractice he doesn’t remember committing—before the boundaries between his dreams and reality break down completely.


Sculpting in Time

An award-winning film professional

Though increasingly focused on writing and photography, Faisal built his reputation in film over the past decade as an editor/producer in New York City. With an eye for story and an artist’s touch, he has cut commercials, branded content, narrative films and television shows, including documentaries for National Geographic, Dan Rather Reports, USA Network, Current TV, and The Travel Channel as well as the upcoming indie feature Black Dog, Red Dog produced by James Franco. Faisal also co-produced and edited the feature length documentary, Without Shepherds, a look at Pakistan beyond the sound bites, which won the Grand Prize for Best Film at the Brooklyn Film Festival.

Over the course of his career, Faisal’s work has screened at top tier film festivals like Sundance, Claremont-Ferrand, Palm Springs and BFI London. The last narrative short he edited, Salar, won the Best Dramatic Short Film award at the Austin Film Festival and was shortlisted for an Academy Award in 2013. Faisal currently serves as a judge for the Emmy Awards.

  • John Plenge, Award-Winning Composer
    John Plenge, Award-Winning Composer

    “I have had the pleasure of working closely with Faisal Azam on a number of film and new media projects over the last few years and most recently hired him to supervise the visual elements of an evening length film and music concert that I was commissioned to perform in by the Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). During this project and the many before it, I have been continually impressed with Faisal's ability to imbue images with layered emotion and by his innate skill to assemble meaningful stories through image choice, symbolic reference and temporal pacing. A true visual storyteller; his sum is always greater than the parts he begins with.”

  • Kelvin C. Bias, Filmmaker
    Kelvin C. Bias, Filmmaker

    “When I was looking for an editor for my first foray into film, the sci-fi short Photographic Memory, I wanted someone who possessed dynamic creativity, technical expertise, an acute eye for story, and a vast knowledge of film—from experimental and avant-garde to obscure foreign and Hollywood blockbusters. Faisal Azam is the embodiment of all those things and more. His enthusiastic and meticulous ability to enhance, and even create, a film in the editing process is invaluable. Not only did I find someone whose indelible mark produced an artistic and thought-provoking work, I found a great friend and collaborator.”